Established in 2023 Southern Cross Solar LTD, is an offshoot of Southern Cross Electrical Services Ltd.

With over 13 years experience, Southern Cross has built its business on the relationships with its valued customers leading to most new customers coming by word of mouth.

The Southern Cross ethos is to use only quality components and strive to ensure all work is completed to the highest standards.

Mounting Systems

Working with my roofing partner you have the option of different roof mounting systems to suit all your requirements.

• On-roof systems


• In-roof systems (removal of tiles and replaced with solar panels giving a sleek look)


• Flat roof systems


• Batteries will store excess energy produced during daylight hours for use at other times or can be charged from the grid to make use of cheap off-peak energy helping to lower bills.


• The battery can also provide power to certain circuits in the event of a power cut (as long as there is charge in the battery). For example, boiler, IT equipment and a lighting circuit.


• Excess energy can be used to switch on the immersion to reduce boiler use during the summer.

Hybrid inverter with battery storage mounted externally prior to housing installation

Work Examples

Hybrid inverter with battery storage installed in garage

Solar panel installation on tiled house roof

Solar panel installation on flat roof

Contacting Southern Cross Solar LTD

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